Friday 3 June 2022

CASEing the Catty

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to CASE. That's Copy and Selectively Edit cards I see.

My go-to places are Pinterest and Facebook and I follow several International demos who really inspire me.

I dont think CASE-ing is a bad thing, actually it's perfect for people like me who struggle with visioning something completed before its even made.

So when I see a card I love I can't help myself.

For this particular card, it jumped out at me, right off the page from the new Annual Catty.

Which as it turns out is also a perfect reference for all sorts of idea.

Now where do I start with this card. 

On page 77 you will see three different versions of this card: Beginner, Casual and Avid. As you can see I've CASE'd the Beginner Version as the simplicity appeals to me the most.

I also got to do a bit of colouring, which isn't my strong suit but it's easy with that stamp set.

THAT stamp set is a fave because it's an envelope, my logo is an envelope but this is an envelope with flowers coming out of it, even better!

I totally believe this is a card I could teach anyone to make, even the beginner, one who has NEVER made a card before.

You don't need many supplies and it doesn't take long. I actually made 8 of these and popped one in every case of the 8 stamp sets that went to the winners of my Customer Draw for April. 

Thank you for stopping by to check out my card today. A list of items used features below and all items are available from my online store anytime. 

Until Next time

Happy Stamping!

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