Tuesday 25 July 2017

Goodbye to an old friend

On Monday evening, just after 11pm, on the 17th of July, as I lay in bed watching T.V, I heard the neighbours dogs barking. I know they only bark when someone drives in their driveway.
The family were taking it in shifts to sit with him by his hospital bed. His daughter-in-law Cathy would take the evening shift, staying until midnight when her husband and bobs son would relieve Cathy and stay until sun up the next morning. When I looked at the clock, I realised it was just after 11pm and knew it was too early for the change of shift. My heart sank.
Shortly after, I received a message that Bob had passed away peacefully just before 11pm. He was comfortable and relaxed and slipped away painlessly. He was 80 years young.

We have been neighbours for 20 years. I considered him more a friend than just a neighbour. We got along so well. He was wonderful to sit and chat with..about anything. Occasionally, when I struggled with  certain things in my life, I would turn to him for guidance. He was a very wise and educated man.
I will miss our conversations and him dearly.
Rest In Peace my friend...until we meet again.

This is the card I made for the family which was accompanied by flowers.
He is survived by his wife Mary and daughter Kerry, son Shane, daughter-in-law Cathy and his two grandchildren Ashley and Tiffani.

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